We serve a broad range of clients. However based on our biggest volume of transactions, we can categorize them into Business & Management; Academics (professors, students’ journal, and proposals for international publications); and Creative (comic, advertising, poetry, company profile, hymn, animation, and the likes)

Pruf Ritz gives the final document in soft copy form via e-mail. Clients may request hard copy versions. Please request this in your quote request as there is some extra expense for hard copy and time needed to ensure you receive the hard copy version on-time at your preferred address.

When your needs are urgent you can call or text our Project Manager and explain your need. We can be contacted between 08.00 – 17.00, on Monday to Friday and 09.00 – 14.00, on Saturday. You may contact us via e-mail at any time. We will respond to you no later than 1 x 24 hours. Click here for details.

If there are mistakes or shortcomings in the final product and Pruf Ritz Team is responsible, we will make corrections at no extra expense. In cases where client’s data is incomplete, late etc this becomes the client’s responsibility. We endeavour to provide the best service for our clients and expect good cooperation as well. Client’s trust and satisfaction is our responsibility. We do not share client’s documents for any reason and only share testimonials or mention them on our client list after having written permission from them.

From first e-mail contact you can attach all your scripts, documents, and files to Pruf Ritz. We will inform you of our service charges and the estimated quote for the total cost of the document service that you require. Costs vary according to kind of work, level of difficulty, and the work deadline. This way of working allows you to budget the costs well.

Yes. Pruf Ritz is in partnership with a number of reputable sworn and certified translators in Indonesia and other countries. We are committed to giving you credible results along with revision guarantee. You simply need to send the scanned document (or via the convenience of your phone) and we will send the result in both soft and hard copy versions, if requested, right to your address.

Absolutely. Pruf Ritz assigns Project Manager in general to handle all projects and QA team for particular projects. QA team consists of our native and local editors (each for Indonesian and English ones). We do assign dedicated PM for a special client based on the urgency of the project.

Pruf Ritz is majorly based in Surabaya but we do have liaisons in some cities in Indonesia including Jakarta. Do not hesitate to write us your specific needs for us to accommodate them accordingly at your convenience.

  1. Contact CS via WA or Email
  2. Convey what services are needed
  3. Send documents that require Pruf Ritz services
  4. Wait for price quote info
  5. Make payment
  6. After we receive confirmation of payment, service requirements will be processed immediately

Monday-Friday 08.00-17.00 WIB
Saturday 09.00-14.00 WIB

There are more than 30 language pairs, such as English, Arabic, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Tamil, Gujarati and so on.

Pruf Ritz can serve the needs of the regular system to super flash, even less than 1×24 hours.

  1. CS will provide a form containing the language pair requirements, type of interpretation, topic, time, duration, place, tool, and several other supporting questions.
  2. After the discussion with the prospective client is complete, Pruf Ritz will provide a price quote,
  3. Clients must pay a down payment at least two weeks before the time of implementation.
  4. The interpreter team is ready to work on the appointed day.

Your data is safe and we provide nondisclosure agreement (NDA) forms for all internal, external and client teams.

Company profile, Brochure, Website, Ads and other documents.

This is a service for checking errors in the text, both grammatically, spelling and punctuation. Pruf Ritz also provides proofreading certificates if clients require.