What Our Clients Say

Find out how our clients say about Pruf Ritz.

Legal Industry

Adhistya H. Christyanto, Founder of CHP Law Firm

When I needed a Japanese-Indonesian interpreter to conduct an interview with clients, I know where to go—Pruf Ritz. Pruf Ritz team was quick to respond then, and they handled the entire process with the utmost professionalism, from preparation to the completion of the interview. They also demonstrated their reliability by showing up on time and making our clients feel comfortable throughout the interview. I am really grateful to Pruf Ritz for their exceptional service.

Bimo Prasetio, Partner at BP Lawyers Law Firm

Website is where a company’s intention and purposes are spelled out and displayed for everyone to see. Pruf Ritz did a great job translating BP Lawyer’s website to communicate what we want our clients to know. Not to mention that this amazing team is also highly responsive and helpful throughout the process. Thank you, Pruf Ritz!

HR Industry

Dian Rahayu, Human Capital Management Practitioner, Bekasi

I had a wonderful experience using Pruf Ritz’s professional translation services for my thesis measurement tool questions. Not only that they were friendly and efficient, but they were also very responsive to any feedback I had. I really appreciated their willingness to take my feedback into account. The accuracy of their translation was impressive and I couldn’t be any happier with the result. Thank you, Pruf Ritz team!

Kenji Salz, Senior Recruiting Partner, DEI Certified at Goodwin Recruiting

Translating such a complex document can be a real challenge, but it does not happen at Pruf Ritz. Following the assessment I did for their translation service, I found them to be of high value, polished, and professional. They are also quite adept at capturing the essence of what is being said in the document. So, when I used their service for English to Indonesian documents, I was totally satisfied with the result. Excellent!

Nixon Frederick, Chief Executive Officer at Frederick Enterprises Inc.

Alfawzia is a dedicated interpreter and translator, and it shows in the quality of work that she and her team produce. They have supported the International Law Enforcement Academy in Bangkok for several years and have done an outstanding job. I just knew right then, they would be an asset to any organization!

Business Industry

Zahra Margautami, Chief Marketing Officer of Kelana Express

I remembered receiving a professional yet very friendly welcome from Pruf Ritz when we contacted them for the first time. It was such an important step in our operations as we needed to get our technical specification document translated to export charcoal from Indonesia to Russian buyers. But then, Pruf Ritz impressed me! They managed to translate it in less than three days and that truly helped us to deliver the document to Russia on time. Thank you, Pruf Ritz! Looking forward to your assistance with Kelana Express in the future.

Grace Hakim, Managing Director of Boutique Office Indonesia, National Director of BNI Indonesia

There are tons of reasons why I use Pruf Ritz services regularly, but one thing that I can say for sure is that their professionalism and quality of work are truly outstanding. Thanks to their interpreting service, everyone involved in the BNI Osaka Northwest meeting received such great help and the business matching session went on really smoothly. Wishing you success, Pruf Ritz!

Rod Maley, Project Manager Contract Administrator at ANGAU Redevelopment Project

I was in urgent need of translation services when my colleague in Jakarta introduced me to Alfawzia’s services. That is when I know Pruf Ritz for the first time and used their services. To my surprise, Pruf Ritz turned out to be my lifesaver as I received a same-day response to my query and the result right away before the agreed timeline at a great price. This experience definitely left a remarkable first impression and convinced me to use their services again in the future. Thank you, Pruf Ritz!

Darwanto Darwis, Multi Asia Karya Contractor

It is no surprise that documents on the construction sector have a fair share of complex and difficult technical terms. But when I handed the document to Pruf Ritz to be translated, I was impressed that the result was spot on. In addition, they responded promptly to my inquiries and the rate is well worth the quality of their work. I am a satisfied client and I highly recommend Pruf Ritz to anyone looking for any language services!

Andika Saragih, Deputy Representative at Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO) Indonesia

If I were to describe Pruf Ritz in two words, I would say “professional” and “responsive” because I have witnessed both qualities which had been a great help, especially during a critical situation. I have been a satisfied and loyal customer even before joining my current institution until now. In fact, I have referred Pruf Ritz to my colleagues for interpreting at big events, like bilateral meetings and international seminars. Pruf Ritz is dependable and always delivers high-quality services. Great work!

Izzah Ajrina, Actress and Business Owner, Surabaya

I came into contact with Pruf Ritz when I needed a translation of my official documents to study abroad. They provided a quick turnaround time which impressed me a lot. Also, their team was highly responsive, making it a hassle-free experience for me. Thank you again, Pruf Ritz!

Violison Martheo, CEO of AETRIO Office Furniture

I am totally grateful to know Pruf Ritz and have had the chance to witness the team’s professionalism in translating a transcript for chapter I international meeting held by BNI (Business Networking International) community in 2022. Additionally, Pruf Ritz also assisted the live interpreting process for BNI’s new chapter international launch at the beginning of 2023. I strongly recommend Pruf Ritz for its highly professional team, high-quality translation results with great accuracy, quick translation process, fast response, and top-notch customer service.

Tommy Agoestian, Senior VP Marketing at PT Anayaka Persada

Alfawzia Nurrahmi and Pruf Ritz team are great people to work with, professional, and quite proficient in delivering their services which is nothing but the best. No doubt that Alfawzia would definitely be able to grow her business even bigger and better in the near future.

Andy Morley, Project or Construction Manager at Industrial Site Services Co Ltd.

Recently, I had the opportunity to use Pruf Ritz’s service to translate a document into Vietnamese. I was immediately impressed with the focused and friendly response. They sent the result on time with excellent accuracy. Some of the terms used in the document were quite technical but our crane partner checked the result and found it very accurate. I have already recommended Pruf Ritz to others and have no doubt that they will satisfy all expectations. Thank you, Ms. Alfa and Pruf Ritz.

Medical and Healthcare Industry

Melys Wijaya, Business Analyst at Essilor

I was impressed with Pruf Ritz’s service when we needed to translate website for Essilor products. Pruf Ritz team was very active and cooperative in discussing certain matters with us and they managed to deliver high-quality translation even before the deadline. Pruf Ritz will surely be our choice if we need translation services. Thank you and wish you all the success in the world, Pruf Ritz!

Education Industry

Ariesandi Setyono, CHt, Founder of Academi Hipnoterapi Indonesia

In the field of translation, Pruf Ritz team is ultimately inexorable. Their translation is of the utmost quality. Their team also served as interpreters in the 2019 Indonesian Presidential Candidate debate. Amazingly, the thick Academi Hipnoterapi Indonesia’s training module is translated in just six days. This is beyond my expectations. Thank you, Pruf Ritz, for making our team’s job easier.

Lulu’atun Ni’mah, S.Pd., Research & Development Staff of Language Center, Kediri

I used Pruf Ritz’s proofreading service for my scholarship essay. I was very satisfied with Pruf Ritz’s service. First, the grammar and diction of my essay were carefully checked and corrected. Second, the main ideas of the essay were conveyed properly and coherently. I will certainly use Pruf Ritz’s service again next time.
Thanks a lot for providing me with such a great service. I loved it!

Syahnas Amalia, S.T.P., Staff of Universitas Internasional Semen Indonesia’s Educational Staff International Office

I am pleased with Pruf Ritz’s translation services due to their swift response. Moreover, Pruf Ritz’s revision guarantee always puts my mind at ease when getting my documents translated at Pruf Ritz! Thank you!

Cintia, Central for Environmental, Social, & Governance Studies

Pruf Ritz team provides a high-quality proofreading service. The result, which came in such a short time, proved in line with my needs. Pruf Ritz team is super friendly and responsive. They show a great sense of initiative in communicating with clients. Thanks a lot, Pruf Ritz! Hope we have a long journey ahead!

Dr. Maria Platt, Infrastructure Cluster Coordinator The Australia - Indonesia Center

Ms. Alfawzia and Pruf Ritz team did an outstanding interpreting job at a technical conference. Their attention to quality and their ability to be flexible and adaptable made the interpreting run smoothly. Moreover, the team are such lovely people to work with. I would highly recommend their professional service for interpreting.

Coach Yusman, Action Coach

Pruf Ritz’s translation service has helped me a lot. I have repeatedly filed business and management documents in English with fairly technical terms, and the translation results are superfine! They do not do word-to-word translation. Instead, they strive to produce smooth, readable, and absolutely understandable translation results. The team works quickly and professionally.

Hero Patrianto, Linguist at Balai Bahasa Jawa Timur

I had a great and enjoyable experience with Pruf Ritz. Ms. Nurrahmi and her team provided me with outstanding customer service. Their remarkable performance not only helped me professionally, but also added value to me as a human being.

Bob Jacobson, CEO of Jacobson-Solutions, LLC

I had the pleasure of working with Alfawzia when she and Pruf Ritz did simultaneous interpreting in a day-long seminar attended by over 500 people in Jakarta, Indonesia in November, 2018. They interpreted seamlessly into Indonesian or English based on the speakers’ mother tongue. To deliver impeccable performance, Alfa made sure that she and her team fully understood the topics that would be presented along with any terminologies they may entail. I could not have asked for or expected a better service. If you need excellent translation and interpreting services, check Alfawzia and her company out. They are the best!

Retno Vinarti, Ph.D, Lecturer & Information Technology Assistant at Trinity College, Dublin

I used Pruf Ritz's proofreading service for an international journal. Their team was responsive, agile, and friendly. They also offer various discounts for certain events and services. I will use Pruf Ritz’s services again in the future. Good job, Pruf Ritz!

Peter Febian, Public Relation at Orbit Academy

Alfawzia is a visionary businesswoman. I respect her great concern for some social issues such as financial intelligence, women empowerment, animal protection, and ways to achieve better life quality with the right mindset. She brings Pruf Ritz to the international level with her team. We can take a gander at many of her good life messages on her IG, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.

Waluyohadi, Ph.D student at Szczecin University, Poland

I used Pruf Ritz’s service to proofread my research proposal for an overseas doctoral scholarship. Initially, I tried to do it myself, but the results were always disappointing. In fact, 12 professors rejected my proposal. After participating in a training session at ITS (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya), I learned that other scholarship applicants use translators’ services to proofread their proposals. That was how I finally got in touch with Pruf Ritz to bring my proposal to perfection. And they really did–my proposal was flawless as it received no grammar corrections from my professor. Thank you, Pruf Ritz!

Andreas Berny Yulianto, Poultry Disease Researcher, Veterinarian, and Founder of Neo Paradigm Comics (NPC)

I recommend Pruf Ritz if you need translation services. Pruf Ritz translated a lot of my scientific journals and some English versions of NPC comics. Thank you, Pruf Ritz.

Viyasa Rahyaputra, Master of Economics Candidate at The Australian National University

After hearing about Pruf Ritz from my acquaintance, I was satisfied with the overall services they provided. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is seeking language-based services. Five stars!

Philipus Yusenda, Accredited Trainer of Living Values Education Indonesia

I knew Alfa's name through my brother, Dionysus Yusenda. However, it was only some years later that I collaborated with Pruf Ritz on some translation projects. Alfa is a very caring and vision-oriented business owner. She is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that her business system is fair for all parties involved and to establish a happy, productive, and prosperous work environment. Keep on innovating and creating, Alfa! The world is a better place because you are in it.

Novita Rudiany, Lecturer and Researcher, Pertamina University

Research team and I had great experiences using Pruf Ritz’s excellent proofreading services. They have assisted us several times in polishing our articles to be published at conferences and international scientific journals. The result was satisfactory! We also truly appreciated the team’s friendly and responsive customer service. All the best for Pruf Ritz!

Manufacturing Industry

Yoseph Chandra, Founder of Inti Solar (Top Brand Indonesia in Solar Power Category)

I used Pruf Ritz’s service to translate a manual book. The end result was wonderful and meticulous. They managed to translate dozens of technical terms perfectly, which is no easy task. Most importantly, they did it punctually. Thanks, Pruf Ritz!

Harsh Shah, Director (Production-Chemical Unit, Export Sales & Marketing) of Embee Group

Alfawzia and Pruf Ritz team are highly professional and quite good at both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. Moreover, they possess good communication skills. My clients also found them to be excellent and we were pleased to have a highly productive meeting. I highly recommend them.

Beffy Irawan, S.T., MRO & Project Procurement at QAPCO (Qatar Petrochemical Company)

I always tell my colleagues to contact Pruf Ritz for translation services. They are friendly and helpful, and their services come at reasonable prices to boot. Good job, Pruf Ritz.

Technology Industry

Jason Frisch, CEO of Tsukaeru Group

Pruf Ritz is a very professional English/Indonesian translation company. Highly recommended!

Al Rizqi, Community Engagement Lead of RCM Labs

Pruf Ritz is a great translation service company with a bright prospect for the future. I give this recommendation based on the services given by their employees to me. I believe that such exceptional services stem from a great CEO like Ms. Alfa. You will not regret cooperating with Ms. Alfa and her team in Pruf Ritz!

Kemal Alfadin, Information Technology Professional

Pruf Ritz has consistently provided professional translation services by delivering accurate and timely translations from and to Indonesian in different language pairs. Here is to more success for Pruf Ritz!

Maruf Setiawan, Regional Field & Event Marketing Zoho Corp.

Pruf Ritz’s interpreting team did an outstanding job bridging the communication gap between our event attendees and speakers. Their attention to technical details, such as audio equipment and quality, ensured the best possible experience for everyone involved. Highly recommended service indeed!

Travel and Tourism

Franky Subiana, Owner of Sightseeing Tour & Travel Indonesia

I am totally satisfied with Pruf Ritz team’s quick response when I needed some personal documents translated to apply for a visa on short notice. The translation was done by a professional sworn translator and was completed in only a day. Thank you, Pruf Ritz team. Best of luck!

Khenny N. Thennedy, Founder & CEO of WeTravel Indonesia & Backdoor Korean Restaurant

This is Khenny from WeTravel.
Pruf Ritz Communications Hub provided a very good sworn translation service for our legal documents. Their Customer Support and Project Manager put careful efforts into understanding our needs and the translation was done professionally. It was impressive. Huge thanks for your help, Pruf Ritz team!

Marketing and Advertising Industry

Budi Darmawan, Executive Director of Tasik Digital Native

Pruf Ritz greatly helped us when there was a sales project development in Holcim. Their translation felt natural and highly readable. It was so good it helped us achieve our sales project goal. Thanks a lot and wish all the success for Pruf Ritz.

Chiara Anindya, Assistant Manager, Performance Marketing at SearchGuru

I’m so grateful to Pruf Ritz for their crucial role in my job application process overseas. When I needed a copy of my education certificate in less than 24 hours, Alfa and her team promptly responded and prioritized my request. The document was ready within six hours! I was deeply impressed with Pruf Ritz’s genuine concern and have since recommended them to my colleagues who are seeking translation services in Indonesia. Thanks for your professionalism, friendliness, and courtesy, Ms. Alfa and team! Wishing you continued success!

Brahmanto Anindito, Multimedia Writer of Warung Fiksi Surabaya

Sometimes our clients ask us to translate the texts we have written into English, which is not our field of expertise. However, we strive to give the best for our clients, and thus we turn to Pruf Ritz, an expert in such field. Pruf Ritz is highly competent, communicative, and responsive. Without our reminders or follow-ups, translations are delivered punctually, sometimes even before the deadline. When our clients are satisfied, so are we. We look forward to the opportunity to work with Pruf Ritz as frequently as possible.

Nicolas Saragih, Account Executive at Giant Leap Studio, Jakarta

I am a frequent user of Pruf Ritz’s translation service. The response and service I get are top-notch, while the translation results are consistently excellent. Hopefully, Giant Leap and Pruf Ritz can work together again for the next projects. Best of luck, Pruf Ritz!

Marvel Sutantio, Copywriter at Hogarth, Ogilvy Indonesia

Alfawzia is one of the brightest, warmest people I have ever had the honor of knowing. She built her business based on humanizing the business and understanding the people in it. This can be clearly read, heard, and felt through all of her and her team's work at Pruf Ritz. Alfawzia and her team are always ready to discuss with you and meet your needs in the best, most efficient way possible. If you ever require professional interpreting, translation, copywriting, or other words and script-related services, you can count on Pruf Ritz to get the job done.

Finance and Banking Industry

Arman Lie, General Insurance/Risk Consultant at Fins Insurance Brokers

Ms. Alfawzia and Pruf Ritz’s translation service is incredible, accurate, and fast. My friends and I are satisfied with Pruf Ritz’s translation results, especially for texts on the healthcare industry. If you need interpretation and sworn translation services as well as a language consultant for your personal and business needs, Pruf Ritz is your best choice. I highly recommend Pruf Ritz.