Our Awesome Team

Our Team

Meet our awesome team. Our team is full of knowledgeable people who will provide information, services, and opportunities that Pruf Ritz have to offer. Pruf Ritz team will warmly welcome you to our favorable service and ensure your experience is distinctively personalized.

Alfawzia Nurrahmi

Founder & CEO

When I was a little girl, my grandpa told me: “I saw in my dream that you’re meant for Greatness. You’ll live a blissful life and touch many people with your influence.” – Well, I took his words genuinely and have since leveraged Pruf Ritz to be a vessel of meaningful transformation personally and professionally for me, my team, our clients and the society. I see work as an exchange of values and a contribution to Humanity. It’s way more than just about money and survival mode! I live in Surabaya and travel regularly to Jakarta as my second home. I love reading, listening to music, movies, dancing, traveling… you name it. I just love life and trust that Every Magic Begins in Our Mind. This world is Abundance Personified, so let’s live fearlessly and abundantly!