Our Awesome Team

Letter from the CEO

Alfawzia Nurrahmi

Alfawzia founded Pruf Ritz in 2010; an epiphany she got after chit-chatting with her sister, Lia, and her buddy, Randy. She loves meeting and talking with various types of people–hence she’s called “The Connector.” Other than growing Pruf Ritz, she writes for various genres and publications in Indonesian and English. She occasionally teaches and gets invited to speak and give workshop at campuses, too. Primarily based in Surabaya, she travels periodically to various cities in Indonesia–and plans to travel the world, too. She loves her family, friends, and–obviously–Pruf Ritz’s big family.
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Our Team

Meet our awesome team. Our team is full of knowledgeable people who will provide information, services, and opportunities that Pruf Ritz have to offer. Pruf Ritz team will warmly welcome you to our favorable service and ensure your experience is distinctively personalized.
Alfawzia Nurrahmi

Alfawzia Nurrahmi

Alfawzia Nurrahmi - Founder & CEO

“Every magic begins in the mind.”



Mohammad Herza TM - Linguist

Herza bergabung di Pruf Ritz sejak 2020. Ia memiliki passion yang tinggi pada sastra dan bahasa Inggris. Pada waktu senggangnya, Herza mengisi waktu dengan bermain game, menonton film, dan membaca buku, terutama genre fantasi. Kini, ia tinggal dengan istri dan buah hatinya di Surabaya. Sebagai Lead Linguist, Herza bertugas menerjemahkan, menyunting, dan melakukan proofread terhadap dokumen klien. Ketika klien memberikan…

How It Works

Translators always risk inappropriate spill-over of source-language idiom and usage into the target-language translation.


We handle documents according to their urgency while still prioritizing quality. We make use of both human and machine translation. The use of software increases the speed of the work. However, editing and/or proofreading is done manually to ensure clients get a satisfying exact product, not just a software-based translation.

We ask every client to send us a scanned copy of their KTP or other valid/official identity card via e-mail and transfer a down payment of 50% of the approximate cost quote to our account. Upon receipt of your transfer we begin the work. Near completion of the project we will send a preview of our work to show you our progress. After full payment has been made, we will send the completed documents.

Pruf Ritz has both internal team members (in-house) and external ones (freelancers). We collaborate with both teams to achieve the best results for our precious customers.