Our Awesome Team

Our Team

Meet our awesome team. Our team is full of knowledgeable people who will provide information, services, and opportunities that Pruf Ritz have to offer. Pruf Ritz team will warmly welcome you to our favorable service and ensure your experience is distinctively personalized.

Alfawzia Nurrahmi

Founder & CEO

When I was a little girl, my grandpa told me: “I saw in my dream that you’re meant for Greatness. You’ll live a blissful life and touch many people with your influence.” – Well, I took his words genuinely and have since leveraged Pruf Ritz to be a vessel of meaningful transformation personally and professionally for me, my team, our clients and the society. I see work as an exchange of values and a contribution to Humanity. It’s way more than just about money and survival mode! I live in Surabaya and travel regularly to Jakarta as my second home. I love reading, listening to music, movies, dancing, traveling… you name it. I just love life and trust that Every Magic Begins in Our Mind. This world is Abundance Personified, so let’s live fearlessly and abundantly!

Nanda Pradina

Project Manager

Hi there, my name is Nanda and I am a Project Manager at Pruf Ritz. My main responsibility is to oversee and manage the entire project lifecycle, from its inception to its completion. As a liaison between clients and our linguist team, I ensure that all projects are executed within the specified timeline and that the work process runs smoothly. Additionally, I am responsible for identifying the best-suited talent for each project to guarantee that the end result is of the highest quality.

M. Herza T.M.

Lead Linguist

Hi, I am Herza. I have been working at Pruf Ritz since 2020. With a lifelong passion for literature and the English language, I am now a Lead Linguist and responsible for translating, editing, and proofreading documents for our clients. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, watching movies, and reading novels, most preferably those in the fantasy genre. Currently, I live in Surabaya with my wife and two little daughters.

Yulia Wardhana


Hello, my name is Yulia. In addition to my main duties of translating, proofreading, and editing documents, I also work on copywriting projects. For the latter, I usually participate in meetings with clients before diving into the production of company profiles, marketing content, and other related projects. Given my keen interest in the fields of translation and communication, I feel so blessed to be part of the Pruf Ritz team whose extensive network and strong teamwork inspire me the most.

Ulfah Rizqiningtias - Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Hi, I am Ulfah. My daily job desk includes looking for talents on job-seeker platforms such as LinkedIn, processing application letters and screening resumes, corresponding with and responding to inquiries from candidates, arranging and posting job vacancies, preparing for the recruitment process including the preparation for written and interview test, conducting research as well as a personal background check on candidates and agencies that offer collaborations. I have a deep passion in language learning and editing. Pruf Ritz gives me the opportunity to upgrade my mindset and skill.

Farah Meilia Aribowo


Hi, Farah here, also a Linguist at Pruf Ritz. As you have guessed, my responsibilities consist of translating, editing, proofreading documents, and so on. When we receive copywriting projects, I also team up with Yulia and Herza to deliver a high-quality result. Prior to joining this inspiring company, I was initially drawn by its scope of business which is super close to my passion, languages and writing. And so, I become more familiar with other services Pruf Ritz specializes in—transcreation, subtitling, content making, and many more.

Munadiya Rosada

Admin & CS

Hi there, you can call me Nadia. As the Admin & CS officer, I am in charge of handling Pruf Ritz’s accounting and administrative aspects. Even though I majored in Environmental Engineering, which could not be further from Pruf Ritz’s line of business, I never stop learning to grow together with the team. Now, in addition to numbers, my passion has expanded to include language and communication as well.

Our Contributors

Meet our awesome contributors. Our contributors is full of knowledgeable people who will provide information, services, and opportunities that Pruf Ritz have to offer. Pruf Ritz team will warmly welcome you to our favorable service and ensure your experience is distinctively personalized.


Social Media & Web Content Consultant

Hello, you can call me Reffi. I am a Japanese Interpreter who labels myself as a Wordholic. As a language and writing enthusiast, I pursue my career as a book writer, blogger, content writer, copywriter, and writing coach. I have been serving as a Pruf Ritz’s content contributor since 2022. It is truly an honor for me to be one of the contributors as I have an opportunity to learn and improve my writing skill under the guidance of Ms. Alfawzia, the CEO of Pruf Ritz. I hope that Pruf Ritz’s social media followers will grow and gain more and more insightful, entertaining contents.


Mandarin Consultant


Hi, I am Indra, a technical Mandarin-English translator in Botswana. I knew Ms. Alfawzia Nurrahmi and Pruf Ritz since 2017, and it has been an interesting dynamic ever since. To me, Pruf Ritz is one of the few language agencies that have proven to be reliable, honest, and competent time after time. As part of some of the most powerful international professional networks, Pruf Ritz can provide added value to its clients. That is why I have consistently been supportive and am rooting for its growth and development.


Web Developer Consultant

Call me Handy. My contribution here revolves around Pruf Ritz’s website ideas and development. My passion for the tech sector urges me to polish Pruf Ritz’s website. If any program-related errors arise, I will jump into the heart of the problem to find the solution. I genuinely wish that the current website contributes to advancing Pruf Ritz’s business prospects.


Photographer & Video Maker Consultant

Greetings, I am Reza, a writer, photographer, and video maker. I have joined Pruf Ritz as a contributor since 2020. During my time here, I help the team with photo and video documentation. I continue to support them because I think Pruf Ritz is super cool. Pruf Ritz has many values that we cannot find anywhere else, such as family values that bring comfort to anyone. I believe that someday, Pruf Ritz will be the go-to language and communication service provider for many people be it for business, education, or other purposes.


Strategic Marketing Specialist Consultant

Hello, I am Bayu. I have been in the field of sales and networking since 2002. In 2022, I helped the Business Development team of Pruf Ritz sharpen their marketing and networking skills. Hopefully, Pruf Ritz will expand and get more loyal clients. Good luck, Pruf Ritz.


French Consultant

Hello, my name is Thomas and I have joined Pruf Ritz as a French consultant since 2022. My love for languages, traveling, and discovering cultures drives me to take part in this company. I really enjoy working with Pruf Ritz because it gives me the opportunity to improve my language skills. But most importantly, I find the environment genuinely friendly, peaceful, and trustworthy.