Technical and Website Translation

Nowadays, technical and website translation become increasingly popular as the market has broadly shifted to the digital one. The massive information exchange in the digital era indicated by the amount of technological economics tools like start-up company and digital business keep growing rapidly. Therefore, technical translation has now become essential matter to keep the business flows.

The difficulty level of technical translation is complex and specific as it’s necessary for the Linguist to set the accurate description of technological process and terms before precisely customize it for the general audience. Linguists are required to have professional competence and skills in the area of technical translation.

Pruf Ritz’s QC system ensures the quality of the text outcome as the translation process is supervised by experts and experienced consultant in their field.

The following are examples of technical documents that we frequently translate:

  • User manuals
  • Guidelines for repair and installation
  • Equipment processes
  • Translation of mobile app interfaces
  • Cyber security articles
  • Website translation
  • Engineering journal articles
  • and many more