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Writing marketing articles is part of content marketing. Content marketing is generally utilized to market certain products. The engaging marketing content can be articles, images, voices, or videos that directly or indirectly talk about your brand.

Marketing articles are generally quite short. They are published on websites, discussion forums, or other publishing media. Marketing articles are used to familiarize the audience with our brand, converting them into customers.

Here are some tips from Pruf Ritz to write engaging marketing articles:

Pick an Appropriate Niche

Make sure the articles cover topics that are relevant to your business. Start by researching the target market. Determine the targets, what they like, the things they need, their age, and their locations. Doing so helps us determine several things, such as the writing style used in the articles.

You can also prepare articles of different kinds. For example, if you are offering translation services, you can write articles on the tips and tricks to learn a foreign language, language or country-related knowledge, and writing tips on your site.  Importantly, make sure the articles are related to your business niche.

Prepare Article Outlines

The easiest way to write articles that are choke-full of information is to create an outline first.  Creating an outline before writing an article helps us present our ideas better. The outline may contain points that will be discussed in the articles. This way, your writing will be more on point.

In addition, you need to think of an intriguing title that will pique the interest of readers, urging them to read the rest of the article. Picking a title becomes easier once you have an outline, as we can use the main point of discussion written in it to determine the title.

Ensure the Quality of the Articles

Good articles do not have to be made up of thousands of words. Most people will not bother reading articles that are too long. Thus, you need to make sure that the soon-to-be-published marketing articles are in line with the topic of discussion and filled to the brim with information. Include existing research results to back your articles up if needed. 

Your promotional articles need to be informative and stimulate discussions among the audience. According to a survey carried out by Hubspot, a marketing software developer, content that can stir up certain emotional bonds from readers tend to be more memorable and popular. 

One of the ways to forge emotional bonds and interactions is by asking the audience’s opinion at the end of the articles. People will be urged to comment and interact on the article pages. Besides, they will remember your content more after leaving a comment. Your site will be ranked better by search engines as it is considered more active than others. 

Maximize SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engines such as Google have their own algorithms. You need to improve your SEO if you want your promotional articles displayed on the first search results page. Find the optimum keywords with the help of various tools on the internet.

You do not have to use paid tools to do so. You can use Ubersuggest and Google Trends to determine the right keywords. Find keywords that are highly likely to be searched by people, then include them in your promotional articles.  Inserting the right keywords will increase the chances of your articles being displayed on the first search results page, which will make it easier for the audience to find them. 

Settle on a Way to Promote Your Articles

Once the articles are finished and ready to be published, you need to promote them to attract more audience in addition to gaining readers from search engine results.   One of the easiest ways to do so is by promoting them on your brand’s social media. You can also broadcast them using email marketing. Put a short description of the articles being promoted, then include a link to your website so that the audience can read the full articles more easily. 

Those are five ways to create engaging marketing articles for your business. Do not forget to include elements of good copywriting. If you need help concerning copywriting or copy editing, Pruf Ritz is your answer.  We can help you create impactful and professional copies for your business.


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