membuat company profile

Business actors need to create a company profile for their brand awareness, especially in the midst of increasing business competition today. Prospective clients and customers surely need to know a company’s track record and achievements throughout its journey.

A brand can ask for the help of an agency or LSP (Language Service Provider) such as Pruf Ritz which is always ready to work on company profiles, annual reports, and multilingual translations. To have a better understanding of the importance of a company profile, check the explanation below.


Important Elements of Company Profile

A company profile must be created with the right writing techniques to maximize the credibility of a brand or organization. Before you compile a company profile, pay attention to the following important elements:

Maintain Information Accuracy

Make sure that the information you include in the company profile such as the date of establishment, product launch time, and your business partner, is correct. Misinformation can have negative impacts on your company profile. If your business has grown large and complex, meetings with stakeholders may need to be held to avoid mistakes in the company profile.

Compile the Objectives of the Company Profile

If you read the company profile of another company or brand as a reference, remember that the objective of your company profile doesn’t have to be the same. For example, if a food manufacturer has to include details of the ingredients, a retail company only has to include details on the origin of its products. Determine the points that need to be included.

Select the Right Target Audience

The company profile to attract customers is different from the company profile to attract investors. Company profiles for potential customers need to include history, vision and mission, product details, and testimonials. Meanwhile, a company profile for potential investors must be made in a more comprehensive manner with capital and profit projections.

Include the Latest Information and Achievements

A company profile does not only include old existing products. You can also list services or products that are being developed and will be launched to attract a larger audience.

Arrange Creatively

A company profile has to look attractive. Paper selection, cover design, and layout of supporting photos or images need to be arranged creatively to add aesthetic value.

Benefits of Creating a Company Profile

We are currently entering the digital era where a brand or business creates a professional landing page on a website to introduce products and services. However, company profiles still play an important role as a promotional medium. What are the other benefits of a company profile? The Pruf Ritz team has summarized it as follows.

Summarize Crucial Information

A company profile must include some important company information to attract potential investors and customers. Such information includes:

  • Organization name and contact details
  • Founder and key management
  • Overall business activities
  • Business strategy such as vision, mission, values
  • Short and long-term business goals
  • Details of financial growth
  • Management objectives and infrastructure
  • Details of your products and services


Promotional Media

Company profiles can be the best promotional or marketing tool. Complete information such as the history of the company or brand, product details, and testimonials will attract more target audiences. Company profiles can also be printed and shared online.

Describe the Character of the Company or Brand

Through a company profile, the target audience can project the development of your company or brand in the future. The development of a product or achievements also shows that your business is healthy and ready to face any opportunities and challenges.

It’s very important to have a company profile for your business, isn’t it? After knowing the important elements that need to be included in a company profile, you can start devising it with the internal team. You can also contact the Pruf Ritz team to create an attractive company profile according to your business needs.

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