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Email marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies that typically contain campaign messages or product information sent to customers’ email addresses. Such addresses can be obtained from people who are subscribed to our website and those who have previously purchased our products. The purposes of the messages vary. They may be used to provide information on our business events, serve as a payment reminder, send latest offers, and share periodic information or news with our customers. 

Sending marketing e-mails to customers’ addresses can be done with the help of both free and paid software, such as Optim Monster, Sumo, and Mailchimp. When done effectively, email marketing can improve our business sales.

Here are 4 amazing ways a la Pruf Ritz to generate sales through email marketing:

Write Interesting Email Subjects 

The first thing people do when receiving an email is reading its subject. If the subject is too general, customers might not be bothered to open the email, let alone read it. Give a touch of captivating copywriting on the email subject.

Here are examples of subjects that can urge customers to read an email:

  • Subjects that write down the benefits or attractive rewards that will be received by email recipients.
    Example: BEST DEAL! 40% Off Just for You! Read for further details
  • Subjects that expressly describe the core of the message.
    Example: Have You Seen “Stealing Raden Saleh”? Here are 3 Business Lessons You Can Learn from It!
  • Subjects that make people regret not checking their email.
    Example: Participate in “Taking on the Recession Composedly”, a FREE Webinar with Finance Experts. Register Now!
  • Subjects that evoke customers’ emotions and stir their curiosity.
    Example:  3 Things That Will Destroy Your Business
  • Include statistics to arouse the recipients’ curiosity.
    Example: 30% of Indonesians Do Not Understand Financial Planning. Are You One of Them?

Write a Message as if It was Meant for One Person

An email with a more personal touch tends to be more interesting for the recipients. Even though we actually send such email to many people, using the right language style can make it seems that it is written for and aimed at just one person.

The simplest ways to do so are by inserting the customers’ names and using suitable pronouns. For example, it might be better to say “you” instead of “dear customers”. In addition, we can also send personalized messages or offers on each customer’s birthday. That way, they will feel that we genuinely remember and care about them as a person.

Segmenting the Audience

Email marketing segmentation is one of the ways to select a target market more systematically. Sending targeted messages will be far more effective than sending generic messages without a clear target market.

Segment customers with specific similarities, such as by age, gender, or region. It also makes it easier for us to create relevant content to send to customers. For example, customers who are 21-30 years old tend to use a more casual language style and prefer digital payments. Naturally, customers in different age groups have their own preferences as well. Create different messages according to the segmentation established.

Email Spam is a No-Go

Customers may be upset if they receive too many emails from us. Remember to turn on the frequency capping feature to limit the number of emails received by customers at certain intervals.

In addition, our emails might be considered spam by the recipients’ email system. In such cases, our emails can automatically be included in the spam list, making it nearly impossible to be read by the customers. To avoid the possibility of that happening, make sure you get the email addresses of your target audience legitimately, namely by providing a subscribe menu on your website. Furthermore, send emails using your verified domain.

Writing interesting emails requires good copywriting and content writing. If you need assistance in sending offering messages, contact the professional Pruf Ritz team that has a proven experience in copywriting and content writing.

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